Fuck Yeah Fat Dykes is a space showcasing anything and everything that affirms, celebrates and inspires my queerness, fatness, and dykery. Dyke is not a gendered term nor is this a gendered site. The affirmation of my body is always in tandem to the affirmation of my Puertorriqueñidad.


you ever wanna fuck the living shit outta somebody but also cook for them and make sure they’re emotionally stable?

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That’s What She SaidA queer, Asian-American web series following the lives of 5 friends in Los Angeles. Created out of a desire to see positive Asian representations in the media, as well as to give voice to the often untold stories of queer Asian women, the series chronicles the lives of five fictional characters – Leslie, Rae, Shin, Baby, and Nic – within the queer sphere of the greater Los Angeles area.


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Queer Latino Needs $800 for Housing ***important***


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I’m Jowell and I’m a transgender boricua who has to leave my current housing situation by next month. I found a place but they will not let me move in if I don’t pay the $800 security deposit. They will not let me give them a post-dated check…

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The term Hispanic, coined by technomarketing experts and by the designers of political campaigns, homogenizes our cultural diversity (Chicanos, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans become indistinguishable), avoids our indigenous cultural heritage, and links us directly with Spain. Worse yet, it possesses connotations of upward mobility and political obedience.

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Leo: This week you might feel a little unmoored, like you could float away from your own life if you aren’t careful. It’s okay to let yourself drift a little; it’s okay to live halfway in dreams. Wander through your city feeling a little lonely, a little strange. Spend your days dreaming, just try to make it home for dinner. Spend your nights floating in your own bright thoughts, just try to wake up on time, try to get out and feel the morning air on your face, try to show up for the people you love.

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